Boost Your Team's Productivity with Templates and Snippets

Boost Your Sales Team Productivity with Templates and Snippets

The HubSpot Sales Plugin is the Key

The HubSpot Sales Plugin is a powerful tool that helps businesses and sales teams streamline their sales process and improve their productivity. The plugin integrates with a variety of popular email clients, including Gmail and Outlook, plus provides a range of features to help sales teams manage their leads and close deals more effectively.



One of the key features of the HubSpot Sales Plugin is its ability to track email opens and clicks. This allows your team (and you) to see when their leads engage with emails and to follow up with them at the right time. It also provides real-time notifications when a lead opens or clicks an email, making it easy for reps to stay on top of their leads' activity. (Don't like notifications, no worries, you can turn that off.)

The best part, the sales plugin automatically logs everything directly to your HubSpot portal. Making it super easy to manage your leads and deals directly from your email client without having to switch between different tools.

In addition to tracking and managing leads, the HubSpot Sales Plugin also has the ability to:

  • create and send personalized templates
  • create and use snippets
  • schedule emails for later delivery

Don't forget the productivity tools to help sales reps work more efficiently:

  • set reminders and tasks directly from their inbox
  • meeting scheduling tools PLUS the new "Insert Purposed Times" option
  • attach documents
  • enroll in sequences

Overall, it's a powerful tool and often underutilized for businesses and sales teams looking to improve their sales process while efficiently and effectively closing more deals.


Templates help you gain consistency in your messaging across your sales, service, and marketing teams! Using them makes your team more efficient, and less time spent on writing emails means more time to close deals.

Here are four reasons why HubSpot templates are so effective:

  1. Consistency: HubSpot templates enable businesses to create a consistent look and feel across all of their email collateral. This can build brand recognition and strengthen the overall impact of a company's communication efforts.
  2. Time-saving: Create and use the template that aligns with your objective; make a few edits – make sure to insert those meeting links and fill in the placeholder items. Do you always send a follow-up email after a meeting? Turn it into a template.
  3. Customization: Customize templates for sales, service, or marketing – adjust your verbiage, and tone, and include helpful content for the right audience at the right time.
    1. Customer service might regularly be asked how a customer can reset a  password. Quick fix: Create a template for that solution and link to your knowledgebase article.
    2. Sales just completed a demo, and they need to send the customer an email with a pricing document, lightning quick; they can drop that email, and make a few adjustments by adding the correct document. Now, they can move on quickly to the next sales call.
    3. Personalization tokens are invaluable in templates because you can insert the contact name, company name, or other special data that helps the recipient feel like you're talking to them specifically.
    4. Meetings links — cannot forget that you set the "contact owners meeting link" to pull into a template. This makes it even easier for your sales team!
  4. Accessibility: Templates are available to all HubSpot product plans and services – that goes for you, too, free users. Free users can only see the first five templates created (so choose wisely), and paid users can create up to 5000.
    1. Templates can be shared across teams, allowing for collaboration and increased efficiency.

Sales email templates are powerful tools that can help teams streamline one-to-one email communications, gain consistency in messaging, save time, and improve overall efficiency for your sales team. With their customizability, accessibility, and integration with other HubSpot tools, they are a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes.

Next Up, the Snippet

Snippets are even more versatile than templates, and they are valuable for a number of reasons.

They save time and increase productivity for your teams — snippets can be used for internal communications or external. Instead of writing the same short text over and over again, a HubSpot user can simply use a pre-existing snippet. And, it's incredibly easy. 

Short often used phrases are ideal snippets, because then all you do is type in the hashtag (almost anywhere), and your text is inserted, make any adjustments, and you're good to go.

By almost anywhere, we mean here:

  • email templates
  • free-written emails
  • contact, company deal, ticket records
  • meeting and call notes
  • chat conversations

Snippets can facilitate collaboration. By sharing snippets with colleagues, the team doesn't need to recreate their own snippets when they can simply share with each other.

By implementing and using snippets, teams can become more productive, more efficient and more effective. 

Start Using HubSpot Templates and Snippets

Templates and snippets are essential features of the HubSpot Sales Plugin because they save time and increase efficiency for sales representatives (and marketing and service teams). Templates are pre-written emails that can be customized and sent to prospects, while snippets are short pieces of text that can be easily inserted into an email or logged elsewhere in the CRM.

By using templates and snippets, your team can quickly respond to leads and customers without spending time crafting individual emails. This allows them to focus on other important tasks, such as building relationships with prospects and closing deals.

In addition, templates help ensure all communications with prospects are consistent and on-brand. This can help build trust with leads and increase the likelihood of closing a sale.

They also allow for personalization, which is key to building strong relationships with your leads. Teams can easily customize templates and snippets to include relevant information about the prospect, such as their name and company, to help them feel valued and understood.

Furthermore, sharing among team members helps maintain consistency across the company so that everyone uses similar messaging and can save time for everyone. We've seen great success when you're onboarding new employees because they also can use templates and snippets to maintain a consistent voice when engaging with customers.

Overall, these are two of our favorite features of the HubSpot Sales Plugin because they can save time, increase efficiency, ensure consistency and personalization, and facilitate team collaboration. The plugin is another tool in your HubSpot toolbox that can power your inbound strategy.

The HubSpot Sales Plugin is an incredible asset for businesses and teams aiming to enhance their processes and boost productivity. With its integration with popular email clients and remarkable features, it's no wonder teams are eager to harness its power.

Let that flywheel fly!

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